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I am a body healing and stress relief therapist with just over two years of experience. I invite you to allow the pressures of the outside world to melt away at my gentle and relaxing touch because sometimes we all need a sweet escape to help us relax, unwind and feel alive again
I'm a strong therapist with hands that heal. My massage work is strong , creative and intuitive. As my hands work all over your body there's a sense of pure wellness by letting yourself completely go. I'm experienced at making tension and stress disappear. I won't jab at you with pointy elbows and painful touch. Everything I do will always be warm, smooth and relaxing and you'll always feel a real connection through my hands and fingers. I'm trained and more importantly REAL and absolutely love what I do and you might find my touch to be perfect to just relax and totally take a nap and zone off for a short moment in time away from it all.
My Mobile massage is a wonderful choice with no hassle for you of driving through traffic before or after only to relax you in the comfort of your home or hotel and best of all is after it's over with, you Don't have to go anywhere or fight traffic to or from or hassle with finding a place to park because I am visiting you which is nice for those of you looking for relaxation at the end of the day or just before going to bed for the night.

Besides massage, I am a good psychologist, touching you well with my hands as well as with my voice.I am a good listener and can offer you advices if you request!

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